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Best car repair experience I've ever had!

The best car repair experience I have ever had. Honest, thorough, and reliable service in terms of quality repair and customer service.  I have had my vehicle serviced by Sonora Transmission 3 times and each time I walked away knowing my car was in good hands and that I was going to be dealt with honestly.

That is a rare quality in a mechanic. They stand by their work and honor all warranties. In the past and after going to different mechanics I typically loathed the car repair experience in all aspects. But now I have found the team that I can trust my vehicles and my hard earn money with. I live up in the mountains and living here is hard on the transmission as they just run hotter up here. Sonora Transmission offers repairs and services with that in mind. They don't cut corners and do the job right the first time. This is a family owned business with family values and they know whats important to me.  Thank you for taking care of me Sonora Transmission and standing by your work. They did right by me and as long as I live here they have my business.

- D. Brown

They have my business for life

These guys know what they are doing.  You can find cheaper, but not better in my pinion.  The service manager could almost tell you what was wrong over the phone.  Lo and behold he was right!   His triage was very acurrate.

Spend the little extra to have it done correctly the first time.  I tried to go the other route before with local shops and got what I paid for which is cheap work and a "sorry" when there was problems.  The guys at Sonora Transmission really no there stuff and they do a whole lot more than trannys.   Ask them and if they don't do those type of repairs they are always glad to send you in the right direction.  They have my business for life.

- J Furches

Great work and service

My transmission wasn't working right, so I took my truck in to be checked out. I was hoping it was something minor, but the transmission was shot. I took it to Sonora transmission after seeing a review on yelp. The price seemed high so I called another shop for an estimate. They were both pretty close so I went with the original. Work was done as described and on schedule to get me back on the road. - Roger C

Sonora Transmissions & Auto Repair earned my trust!

Word of mouth is the best advertisement.  I had a front wheel drive issue with an older Grand Prix so asked a few friends where they take their transmission and drive-line repairs to and everyone I asked responded Sonora Transmission.

So I went over, talked with the service manager and was surprised when he asked me if I had a few minutes and they would take a look and give me an estimate.  I was worried as with all auto repairs that I would have a serious case of "sticker shock.  Nope.  The Sonora Transmission Technicians located the problem within minutes and a "shockless" estimate was prepared and presented to me with a promise that car would be ready and waiting the same time the very next day.

The vehicle was left, a call received the next day informing me that repairs had been completed and was ready for delivery.  The estimate was spot-on with NO additional charges what-so-ever.

This place not only earned the trust of several of my friends but mine as well.

Thank you Sonora Transmissions & Auto Repair for OUTSTANDING service! - Dave L

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